Aqua Heat LS

Swimming pool
heat pumps offer the most
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Aqua Heat LS

Is the result of over 25 years of continued innovation. Designed, tested and manufactured to be an efficient, economical heat pump for your pool. No matter where you live, our solution delivers more heat starting at lower temperatures, with virtually no harmful emissions.

Engineered to capture more of the free heat from the surrounding air, we’ve perfected the science of pool heating. Our Turboguard titanium heat exchanger is virtually immune to damage from unbalanced water chemistry. Also, our fan assembly uses less energy and runs almost silently. It’s a precision package that lasts longer while maintaining efficiency year after year.

  • Operates at Lower Temperatures
  • Total Comfort & Control
  • Extended Swim Season
  • Additional Cooling Option

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Heat Cool Systems

In the summer months, water that becomes too hot simply stops being refreshing when you want relief from the heat most. With the advanced technology of the Aqua Heat LS Heat Cool System, you can heat your pool economically and then cool when it gets too warm. It’s the perfect way to maintain your ideal pool temperature and extend your swim season.

Low Temperature Performance

Our heat pumps start producing heat at 40°F when the competition doesn’t even turn on until 50°F – 55°F. You get more heat, much sooner. Our advanced controls allow you to “set it and forget it” to maintain your perfect temperature all season long

Good for the Planet

The typical gas heater emits 15,000 to 20,000 pounds of CO2 annually. With no combustible by-products, we create clean, efficent heat, making it better for the environment. The average cost to heat your pool with an Aqua Heat LS heat pump is 80% less than with propane and 70% less than a gas heater. The life expectancy of our heat pump is also nearly twice that of a fossil fuel heater.

Cost per 100,000 BTU Input: