State-of-the-Art Digital Technology

Simple, precise and reliable. Our digital technology means the most advanced, efficient systems available - Easy to use, easy to maintain.


Environmentally Friendly

With no combustible by-products, Aqua Heat LS™ heat pumps create clean, efficient energy that

is safe for the environment.


Unmatched Performance, Lowest Operating Costs

With over 30 years of heat pump pool heater design experience, Aqua Heat LS™ heat pumps are built to outperform the competition. Advanced micro-computer technology and exclusive design features result in 25% more heating performance than other leading heat pumps.


Set it and forget it! Aqua Heat LS™ heat pumps feature one touch programming and the latest operating features available. Join thousands who have made the smart choice in pool heating -

the #1 choice of leading pool builders.


Aqua Heat LS™ heat pumps beat the competition.

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